Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SPRING TIMES: A message from Bob Springmeyer, Democratic Candidate for Governor


Dear fellow Utahn,

This is a great time to be a Democrat!

Change is coming to the U.S. and Utah, and not a moment too soon.

But let me get straight to the point: I'm running for governor of Utah. I'm running to win, and to win this race I need your help.

Republican leaders have failed Utah time and time again on:
  • Health care
  • Jobs
  • Education
They've squandered opportunities to move our great state forward, instead focusing on a narrow, ideological and extreme agenda that has done nothing to improve the lives of average Utahns.

We Must Do Better!

Too many Utahns simply cannot make ends meet. They cannot find a job that pays enough to support a family, or they live in fear of losing the job they have.

We desperately need new leadership! Leadership that will focus on Utah and not ambitions to higher office. Leadership that will reverse the fall in real wages. Leadership that will bring jobs to the state that can support a family.

I can be that kind of leader, but first I am going to have to get elected and for that I need your help.

We Must Do Better!

Our opponent will have the full support of his family's billions.

I'm confident we can win this race, but I'm not taking anything for granted and I'm counting on you.

Please share my thoughts and my candidacy announcement with your friends and neighbors at your caucus meeting tonight.


Bob Springmeyer
Democratic Candidate for Governor

Candidacy Announcement
Democrat Bob Springmeyer Registers Candidacy for Governor of Utah

March 17, 2008 - Salt Lake City

Springmeyer, a lifelong Democrat, said:

"I am running for governor because I know that Utah can and must do better. This is a great state. But it must be an even greater state."
  • I am not satisfied that more than 400,000 people in Utah, including 135,000 children, have no health insurance and many more families are struggling to keep up with rising insurance costs.
  • I am not satisfied that one third of Salt Lake School District students and almost half of Ogden students dropout, and far to many of our Hispanic students end up dropping out. Pretty great is just not good enough anymore!
  • I am not satisfied that Utah wages, as a percentage of national averages, have been falling steeply since the early 1980's under Republican administrations - 80% of Utah workers have suffered real wage loss since 1979.
  • I am not satisfied that when my 87-year-old mother tries to call state government she can't get a real human - just a complicated stream of clicks, beeps and frustration.
Middle class families are been squeezed by higher health care, energy and tuition costs. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that we cannot wait to act - We Must Do Better.

Today, Springmeyer will file with the Lt Governor declaring that he is a candidate for Governor in 2008.

A Utah native long active in the community, among Springmeyer's many accomplishments are the following:
  • He and his wife Gwen chaired the efforts to build the Ronald McDonald House of Utah - serving the families of hospitalized children of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada.
  • He helped form and is the first President of the "Utah Wildlife and Conservation Foundation" to improve the habitat of non-game wildlife in Utah and educated students of the importance of the Great Salt Lake.
  • He is the father of four adult children and grandfather to four grandsons.
  • He is the President of Bonneville Research, a regional economic and management consulting firm.
  • An avid cyclists and advocate for bicycle safety, Springmeyer helped form and plan for the annual Josie Johnson Memorial Bicycle Rides.
  • He and his wife Gwen were born in Provo, and now live in Salt Lake City.
Contact: Bob Springmeyer:

Springmeyer's website will be http://www.blogger.com/www.BobforGov.org.
170 South Main #775
Salt Lake City, UT

If you agree that Utah Must Do Better and want to help Bob, please send needed donations to:

1289 4th Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84103


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Bob!

To demonstrate your commitment to education, you should tell everyone about all the help you provided in diverting property tax dollars from school districts to commercial real estate developers.

And it was all for the children.

Anonymous said...

Why bother running against a great governor with an %80 approval rate?

Anonymous said...

Choice. Plus, a good debate will keep Huntsman honest.

What do you want anonymous? Complete domination? A lack of choice?

Yes, I think that is what you want. Just like Satan.

Rob said...

Thanks Anonymous, I look forward to demonstrating the increased property taxes the school districts are receiving because of the new projects.

Bob Springmeyer

Anonymous said...


These retail projects would have happened on their own somewhere in the area without subsidy. Your claims have no economic basis.

Retail does not need to be subsidized or incentivized. Neither do office parks.

I'll be talking more about this in the future on this blog. I already know some people plan on making this a campaign issue.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob! How do I get a date with your daughter? She looks like a great piece of ass!

Anonymous said...

Bob you make Utah a great place to live. Some Utahns feel that they should just vote with the masses instead of researching the issues. The middle class is definetly shrinking in Utah and jobs need to be created. Those who wish to bash you because you choose to show diversity among the issues in our state need to open thier ears and eyes. Good Luck today Bob You Have my vote.