Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Blood

I went to my caucus tonight and was excited by the turnout.

When Dr. Ray Ward asked how many of the attendees were attending their first caucus I was amazed by how many hands were raised.

My guess, 75% of those attending were newcomers.

Later in the night my friend Shane Giddings called.

"I'm not a delegate!" he proclaimed happily.

When I asked him why he seemed happy that he wasn't elected he explained that for years he had been one of only two people to show up.

But not this year.

Utah Democrats are experiencing a rebirth, and for this I am grateful.

It truly is a good day to be a Utah Democrat.


Curtis said...

I noticed an upturn at my caucus meeting last night too. The number of caucus attendees in my precinct doubled from two years ago Hell, there was even a competition for who would be the delegate from my neighborhood!

I would suspect that we had a 25-50% increase in total turnout.

Democrats are excited and I am glad to see more people are getting involved.

Jessica said...

I had a conversation with Governor Huntsman and he himself said that he could feel that things were changing in Utah, the tide turning. Best of luck from blue Maryland and D.C.