Monday, March 24, 2008

Rob and Todd say, "ATTEND YOUR CAUCUS!"!

From SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Tuesday night, as many as fifty thousand Utah Republicans and Democrats will flock to their neighborhood political caucus meetings.

There, they will pick delegates to attend their party's county and state conventions. And, in turn, those convention delegates will help pick which candidates will be their party's nominee. Those candidates will then face off in the general election.

Anyone can show up at the neighborhood meetings to discuss issues that are important to them. The meetings begin at 7 p.m., and a list of caucus locations can be found on the Web sites of the two major parties.

The Lieutenant Governor's Office can also direct people to their caucus location.

Summing up the importance of these mass meetings, Democratic Party vice-chair, Rob Miller, told us: "This is what a caucus is: those who show up run the world and if you don't show up, you don't have a voice."

Sunday, the LDS Church read a letter during its Sacrament Meetings all around the state. Without endorsing any candidate or political party, the LDS Church urged its members to take part in the caucus process.

Click here to view ABC 4's video.
Click here to find the location of your local Democratic caucus.


Curtis said...

Oh, I will be there, with bells on!

Amerigo said...

Rob I know it is cool to see you on tv, but having a video start playing without pushing play is annoying.

Rob said...

I hear you. Why it plays automatically I don't know why.

I guess channel 4 made it so. If you have any ideas let me know.