Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surrogates Stump for a Hometown Win in 2012

Yes you read the title right. The message of the first day opener of the Democratic National Convention is if you are going to attack the Democrats,” you are going to need a bigger stick to win this and any other election right up through 2012.”

Yesterday I attended a few openly Democrat surrogate events with key members of the Democratic Governor’s Association and many other heavy hitter leadership up and down the political ladder rankings.

Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia took the lead out of any misgivings on what this event was about speaking frankly at the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) Media roundtable highlighting the fact that the leadership of Governors Brian Schweitzer of Montana, Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland and with his additional leadership these three Governors are working for gains in 2012. Manchin made it clear that 2012 is about country-wide redistricting and a 36 Democratic gubernatorial gain. Manchin even threw in an overt thank you to the embattled Utah gubernatorial candidate Bob Springmeyer who was in attendance.

Schweitzer who is known for his no holds barred home spun candor was additionally not at this event to mince words when he said, “if Ted Strickland had been elected four years ago in Ohio George W. Bush wouldn’t be President right now.”

These Governors are strategically planning for the future and are not overly concerned on how the McCain camp may or may not respond as they jump in front of the camera lights this week to answer to the Colorado Compact and general water rights issues in the west today as Schweitzer candidly responded to a reporter’s inquiry, “He can run his own dang campaign. I am not going to give him any help.” Schweitzer followed up to further the point if it wasn’t already clear that these Governors were not going to allow the Republicans to dictate Westerns issues on their dime, “When someone down the river wants to renegotiate your water rights, that’s the time to grab your rifle.”

Manchin when speaking about the Iraq war quipped, “How do you expect to win the war when your funding both sides of the campaign,” taking a serious jab at the Bush administration and the fact that his cronies are capitalizing on this war. He followed up to give a local flavor of the American struggles as the dinner table of West Virginia residents that have the less than noble rating as the poorest state in the nation, “in West Virginia you have to drive to survive because West Virginia has always been very rural in nature. Our workers have to drive long distances to keep their jobs.”

When asked by the Utah Amicus, considering that the past National Conventions use to be a time that each party, Republican or Democrat would lay back and allow each other the time to have free press during convention week, and is now a bygone anomaly, would you consider the RNC setting up shop a mere mile from the stadium an underscore of the fear that the Democrats will gobble up all the media coverage?” Schweitzer tongue in check said, “you mean the Fox studios,” highlighting the egregious connection between supposed unbiased media and the bastion of Republican messaging Fox cable network.

Manchin set the tone and his remarks detailing the West Virginia state motto could encapsulate the conclusion on the largely understood fact that these rough by nature DGA body guards were not going to be walked over ever again stating, “Mountaineers are always fierce.” Machin being a former football player for the West Virginia Mountaineers would know something about having a strong defense line of humongous football players to push back the other team. Between Schweitzer and Manchin with O’Malley as Quarterback the Democrats are going to score big for the home team in 2012.

* Additionally The Utah Amicus attended the Americans for Democratic Action luncheon with Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank deeply messaging for the 2012 success to behold.

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