Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday was a busy day!

Where to start? It was go, go, go yesterday. When we went to the Pepsi Center we found out that the DNC had not given us the right credential to get into the blogger room to blog, so, as usual, I'm behind.

I did a few interviews for UtahPulse.com which we are trying to send and download now, and I have a few videos to share with you. I'm also sending some video a pics to Zannel'sPoliticsBlue.

The delegates are having a great time, but with so many events to choose from it's difficult to decide which events to attend.

On Sunday I went to Green Day at Red Rocks where I watched Sheryl Crow, Sugarland, and Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. Dave started the set with Bartender, the song I posted on this blog when I heard that LeRoi Moore had passed away. Dave's voice was a bit raspy so I wasn't surprised when he cancelled his show at Usana.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. gave one of the best oratories I have ever heard on American politics, and the opportunities we have in this Country by developing a green economy, and how the world has looked to America for most of our 230+ year history for leadership, and how the current administration has messed that up.

So there's a quick update, and there's more to come today at The Utah Amicus.

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