Monday, August 25, 2008

Give Denver and "A" For Developing an "A List" Nightlife

Shortly after arriving in Denver on the 22nd of this month Bob an I strolled the 16th street mall to see how Denver’s nightlife compares with Salt Lake City. Well as if it is not obvious, Salt Lake City you absolutely lose hands down to Denver.

Now I know that there is an exception to the rule because the DNC coordinated with organizations to help motivate the City and its residents to create "A List" events to entertain us out-of-towners. However, my gosh folks this town has the foundation of a city that is alive and well making Salt Lake one step short of the town in the movie "Footloose."
Tonight I went to the "A List" of all events. There are many celebrities in town for the main event. I ran into a girl on the elevator that said Oprah is staying up in her neighborhood and had an “A List” party the other night. But tonight’s event was the shindig of my life. See the notice below.

Leader's Challenge Access and Engage Event
Monday, Aug 25 4:00p
at 1490 Delgany St., Denver, CO
Open to the public. VIP guests include Matt Damon and Ben Affleck* with performances by the Railbenders and Something Underground to benefit Leader's Challenge. Special guests scheduled to speak include Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Bill Ritter.
This was a fundraiser with music, celebrities and a great non-profit organization to become the benefactor of all the wealth walking through the gate. See the website for more information on the organization that engages and motivates our youth in become enthralled in public service:

Check out one of the two really great bands that played the event:
Something Underground at
As well check out the really nice and friendly socialites I met tonight below including former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders.

*Matt Damon was unable to make it to the event because he is attending to his family and his new baby. Unfortunately as the night grooved along the sponsors announced, "Ben Affleck’s assistant called from his limousine and said that Mr. Affleck would be unable to make it tonight because he had been suddenly struck ill." The Utah Amicus' staff sends our regards for an ill Mr. Affleck hoping he gets feeling better and sincerely hopes he hadn’t really found a better party to attend in Denver.

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