Sunday, August 24, 2008

Interfaith Meeting -- part 1

I had the opportunity to attend the Interfaith Gathering this afternoon. This was the first official convention event.

Here was a place where we could all come together to worship as one. Where Muslim Scarves and Yarmulkes can sit together; where a Catholic could say "amen" to a protestant prayer. We all stood together as children of God.

So, here are some quotes that I wrote down from the meeting:

"We didn't need to bring faith to the Democratic Party. It was already here." -Reverend Leah D Daughtry, CEO 2008 Democratic National Convention

"While our party may not be perfect, it is perfect for me." -Reverend Daughtry

In our party, there is a tremendous intersection of faith and politics." -Colorado Governor Bill Ritter

"There are those who fight for the well-being of the unborn, while ignoring the well-being of children once they are born." Bishop Charles E Blake, Presiding Bishop, The Church of God in Christ

"This generation will be judged by how we treat our children." -Bishop Blake

"Our youth are our future, let us not the baton!" -Bishop Blake

"That what is hateful to yourself, do not do unto your brother." Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Executive Vice President, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

Love is the highest of all emotions ... love means to feed and clothe." -Rabbi Weireb

"Sometimes, our neighbor is ignorant; then we must educate him or her." -Rabbi Weireb

"Patriotism is a pert of faith." The Prophet Mohamed, as quoted by Mrs Fatema Biviji, National Delegate, Iving, TX

We must not just tell the truth, but we must tell the whole truth." Dr Ingrid Mattson


Misty Fowler said...

I'm sad that I didn't know about this before it started. I'd have really loved to have gone with you and Aaron!

Anonymous said...

Was Rev. Wright there?

Justin said...

As a non-religious individual, I like the fact that I don't have to be a person of faith to be a Democrat.