Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rocky Mountain Delegates Welcome Reception and Barbeque

This evening I got to attend my first event at the DNC:

It was the 2008 Rocky Mountain Delegates Welcome Reception and Barbecue presented by C-SPAN.

Since Jason, Craig and Rob (among others) were at some kind of "Green Concert" out at Red Rocks, featuring Craig's favorite, The Dave Matthews Band, I ended up going alone. I did meet Bob and Aaron down there, but it was my first adventure into the "wilds of Denver" all by my lonesome. It was quite the adventure!

On my way out of the hotel, I stopped to say hi to Kurt Bestor (UT delegate) and his wife, Petrina, along with Erika George (UT delegate).

First up is this beautiful church, which apparently has a labyrinth that is open to the public on Wednesdays at 11:30 am. If I'm not doing anything important Wednesday morning, I'm going to try to go!

Here's that same church, as viewed from the hotel balcony.

The walk along the 16th Street Mall was amazing. If you ever come to Denver, this area is must-see. Beware, though...while it's not apparent that the narrow brick roads would fit a bus, you should pay attention to the fine line of where the sidewalk ends and the road begins.

The free buses run up and down 16th street, as often as every 90 seconds, and they're quite packed. Besides the buses, bikes, skateboarders and horse-drawn carriages frequent these narrow roads, and provide quite the experience. Small shops of all types line the road.

I only had to walk about a block and a half from the bus to get to the Welcome Reception. I was among the first to arrive, so I got some up close photos of the artwork lining the gallery that the reception was hosted in.

The longest wall in the building was filled with these.

How Dire The Hour, when they pass the keys
to the kingdom to a Blackman, To An African,
To An African American. With the Treasury Bankrupt,
the nation in shambles, hated and despised globally.
Now they got a Smiling Brown Face To pick up the pieces.
The time for change is long overdue. Tell the people the
truth, 43 white men in succession never did. This is not a
great nation, just a megalomaniacal one. Greatness is born
with the wise and compassionate use of power, which we
rarely have ever achieved. We seek a leader not a Politician
Let them know the ship is sinking, the house is on fire!!

There were many familiar faces, along with plenty of new ones from surrounding states.

Aaron signing my 2008 Convention Yearbook.

Erika George (UT delegate) along with two women from Wyoming (I think!).

I'm not sure which events I'll be attending this week, other than Tuesday morning's Women for Obama breakfast. But, I'll be sure to keep anything interesting posted about on here, as will the other bloggers!

Update: Ooops, as the commenter noted, the artwork said 43 not 54. It was a typo on my part - it was late. :)


Anonymous said...

The display says 43 white men never did. Did you change it to 54 for any reason?

43 white men makes sense, because that's how many presidents we have had in the US.

I find this to be so racist. How arrogant a man to believe himself to be more admirable than the likes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, or Roosevelt. And then to claim that they never told the truth. The truth about what?

"With the Treasury Bankrupt,
the nation in shambles, hated and despised globally."

These are not truths. These are lies. You hope that we will believe this in order to put you in power. Repugnant.

"This is not a great nation, just a megalomaniacal one."

How dare you?

This is the greatest nation on Earth. That's the truth. All of this is just variations of Rev. Wrights chant of "God Damn America." Your condescension offends the masses, and makes me more determined than ever to oppose the Democrat party.

I am originally from Denver, and I am here right now on business. I have printed this part of the blog and am passing it to all of my associates, and asking them to pass it to as many people as they can. I will continue when I return to Utah. I think you may have changed a lot of minds with this rhetoric.

Thanks for the ammunition!

Misty Fowler said...

Thanks for pointing out the typo in the artwork. It was late, and I didn't catch it.

UtahOwl said...

Geez, Anonymous,flaming like that is way over the top. Folks who disagree with you & point out that the USA still has a ways to go to true equality are not necessarily "racist" or "bigots". It's really hard to have civil discourse with somebody who drops into slash-and-burn ad hominem attacks. Saying "this is the greatest nation on Earth" does not make you a patriot, and pointing out that we still have flaws does not make one unpatriotic.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does.