Tuesday, March 11, 2008

KSL and Andrew Adams should check their facts

From ksl.com:
2 announce intention to run against Huntsman

March 11th, 2008 @ 11:17am
Andrew Adams reporting

Gov. Jon Huntsman finally has some competition to face in his re-election bid. But state Democrats aren't sanctioning these candidates.

One candidate is a Republican-turned-Democrat who is currently charged with drug possession. Monty "Millionaire" Nafoosi—"Millionaire" is the official nickname--has a pretrial conference scheduled on Thursday. Bountiful police say they found pot and drug paraphernalia on him the day after New Year's.

The other candidate is Bob Springmeyer. He owns a consulting firm and says he likes the bobsled and skeleton. But he says the only thing crazier than doing that is running against Huntsman.

Democratic Party leaders say neither of these guys is their main choice. They are recruiting a candidate and should announce who that person is in the coming days.

The filing deadline is March 17.

Rob Miller's response:

Although the Utah Democratic Party understands that there might be candidates that may file for governor that we are not aware of, it is a complete fabrication that we have recruited any other candidate than Bob Springmeyer to run for governor.

The Party also understands that it is up to the delegates to decide who the Democratic candidate will be, but for KSL to say that we will be announcing a third candidate as our "sanctioned" candidate is incorrect.

We love KSL, but they should check their facts before submitting this type of story to the public.

With every best wish,

Rob Miller
Vice Chair
Candidate Recruitment Chair
Utah Democratic Party


Obi wan Kolobi said...

Rob, are you saying the two candidates are the best we can do as a party?

Just curious.

Rob said...

Obi, what I said was KSL made a mistake when they stated that we had a third candidate that would be sanctioned by the Party.

Bob Springmeyer is the candidate we recruited, and I have every confidence that Bob will make a great candidate.