Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hyde Park, Utah - Morgan Bowen filed papers today with the Utah State Lieutenant Governor’s office to seek the Democratic nomination for the United States Congress District 1. Bowen is a resident of Hyde Park in Cache Valley.

“My campaign will center around three issues critical to the future of Utah and this nation.” Bowen said. “Those issues include: Traditional Family Values, Energy Independence, and Eliminating the National Debt.”

According to Bowen, “Tax law should be structured to help, not hinder the family. Many young families are feeling the squeeze of the mortgage crisis, uncertainty in the job market, and the financial crunch from inflation in almost every consumer sector, especially $3.00 plus a gallon fuel prices.”

“As a citizen of this Nation I can no longer sit still and allow our congressman and the current administration to squander the nation’s resources to the tune of $20 billion per month on the development of the Nation of Iraq, when Iraq is bringing in $100 billion per year in unaccounted for oil revenues, enriching a select few, and contributing little to their own defense and development. Examples of waste and mismanagement over the past six years by our current congressman and the administration include the funding of a $700 million embassy in Bagdad, making it the largest, most expensive and wasteful government building project in the world.”

Bowen continued to state: “Under our current congressman, the national debt has been increased by four-trillion dollars. Every man, woman, and child in this nation owes $31 thousand in order to pay the debt that congress has saddled us with. Much of this debt is owed to nations in the Middle East and China. The fiscal irresponsibility of congress has undermined the value of the dollar and has lowered our economic standing in the world.”

“I am running for Congress because this destructive behavior has to be stopped. There is hope for a better way to do business in Washington. The first step is to change who represents the people of Utah in the Nation’s capitol.”

“The people of Utah have a long tradition of cooperation to reach great goals. As a nation we built the transcontinental rail road in less than a decade, we put a man on the moon in ten years. Starting now, we should put our resources, scientific knowhow, and effort into becoming completely energy independent in 10 years. Through sustainable energy independence, we would see major economic growth, a resurgence of university and private sector research, and reduction of pollution. More importantly, we will build our nation and not further enrich the nations of the Middle East with our wealth.”

“With resolve, cooperation, and hard work we can build a better nation for future generations.”

Morgan Bowen is a fourth generation descendant of Utah pioneers who lives in Hyde Park, Utah. He holds an AA in General Studies from Merced College, a BA in History from CSU Stanislaus, and a MS in American Studies from Utah State University. He worked for 15 years as CEO of an international sustainable agricultural consulting firm and is currently a religious educator in Richmond and Logan, Utah. He is married to the former Kristen Matheson. They have six children: Brennon 21, Jeremy 21, Meghan 18, Samantha 16, Jeremiah 15, and Hannah 10.


Obi wan Kolobi said...

An Associates Degree? Can our party do better? Bishop is the stealth Congressman who has done nothing and votes the party line. Surely there is someone who can challenge him with some credentials.

J-Man said...

What are you talking about dude? The guy has BA and a MS. This guy looks great! Your just pissed because he's a seminary teacher.

Face it dude, your atheism has turned you into a bigot.

Obi wan liberali said...

Good catch J-Man, I didn't see the M.S. Seminary teacher? Why would I poo-poo a seminary teacher? I've voted for several seminary teachers of the years. J-Man, I sense much fear in you. Relax.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that it is about time for someone that really cares about America to take charge. It sounds like this Morgan Bowen is one of those people.

RightDemocrat said...

Bowen seems like the kind of Democrat who can launch an effective challenge. We send more Democrats with mainstream values to Washington.

Anonymous said...

This guy I know personally from nearly 27 years ago. You may or not remember me Morgan but I'm sure you remember the Elders coming over to your parents countless times to eat. Gosh the food was so delicious. I'll be rooting for you down this way.

Elder Jared 82/83

I can't believe I happened on you.