Thursday, May 03, 2007

Voucher Vote is a question for General Election--not for Presidential Primary Election

At every turn the Utah Republican Legislature, Governor Huntsman, and Lt. Governor Gary Herbert have tried to squeeze the system to ram an unpopular and class segregationist program on the people of Utah. First, it was Speaker Curtis' arm-twisting in the legislature and the Governor's complicity with Parent's for Choice--the Amway and Walmart heirs. Then it was the gaffe from Gary Herbert's office when they tried to intervene in the voucher referendum procedure with hyper-technical and legally wrong scrutiny of the notary stamp color on the original Petition for Referendum. Now, rumors are circling that they want to skip the municipal elections and have the up or down voucher vote during the February, 2008 Presidential Primary. Why? Because they want every political advantage in circumventing the political process. Instead of having the vote during a general election during the municipal elections in fall of 2007 or during the general election of 2008, they want to hold the final question on vouchers at the same time as a national primary.

The Presidential Primary is geared toward national issues and partisan questions. It is not an election designed for final general and local questions, but national partisan questions. It is time for Governor Huntsman to stand up and let every voter--Republican, Democrat and Independent to resolve the local general question of vouchers during a general election--not during an election deciding a national partisan question.


Jesse Harris said...

This sounds like something easily addressed with Hanlon's Razor: "Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice." In this case, the stupidity is to try and save a few bucks at the expense of looking bad.

notary stamp said...

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