Thursday, May 03, 2007

News Release: Daily Democrats want to rebuild Party infrastructure

Mary Lou, Kena, Chris and Millicent are running!

The Daily Democrats, a group of local Utah County Democratic activists, announced their candidacy for the Utah County Democratic Party Executive Committee. These candidates are committed to reactivating the party base and rebuilding the party infrastructure in order to achieve immediate results.

The candidates, Mary Lou Huffmon, Kena Jo Mathews, Chris Stowe, and Millicent Lewis are candidates for Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, respectively.

The Daily Democrats, in their efforts, are seeking the following results: (1) a clear message, (2) a permanent infrastructure, (3) grassroots involvement, (4) steady sources of funds, and (5) candidate recruitment and support.

Utah County Convention
All registered Democrats may vote
Date: 8 May 2007
Time: 630pm
Place: Provo City Council Chambers
Address: 351 w. Center St., Provo

Click on the Daily Democrats logo below to read more and to check out the Daily Democrats website.

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