Friday, May 04, 2007

2006 Challengers standing up had GOP running scared--leads to GOP insolvency

We are now seeing the effects of the 50 state strategy working in Utah with the recent meltdown in the Utah State GOP. According to today's Deseret News article, the insolvency of the Utah State Republican Party is attributed to the courageous challenger candidates that took the State GOP for a loop:
In January of this year, Greene said she demanded a fuller accounting of party spending during the 2006 elections. Hartley, fearing Democrats were coming on strong, approved some last-minute party spending — including $50,000 for cable TV ads for nine specific legislative races Hartley feared Republicans could lose.

One of those was House Speaker Greg Curtis' re-election in his Sandy district. Curtis ended winning by just 19 votes. Said one GOP lawmaker who didn't want his name used: "The state party stepped up" in spending "and saved some races — including Greg's."

But under the new accounting, the bill came in at $150,000 — $100,000 in last-minute spending and $50,000 for Hartley's commission.

"I just gasped. I couldn't believe it," said Greene. An attorney in charge of the Greene family finances, Greene then gave the state party $50,000 of her family's own money to pay party bills.

"I said I would do all of this, but I told the governor that I expected him to give the party some money as well. He hasn't yet. But I'm told that donation will come after he holds a Utah County fund-raiser later this month," said Greene.

The state party, besides the debt owed, was running $32,000 a month in ongoing party expenditures, like rent and salaries, said Greene. "I tried to cut back on some of that, but Jeff ignored some of my economies. We still have about $150,000 in debt I'm trying to retire."
Congratulations challengers your work is paying off.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Between the large public opposition to Dick Cheney in the heart of Utah County, to the election of up-and-comer Christian Burridge to Salt Lake Co. Democratic Party Chair, the grassroots efforts of sensible Democrats in this state are paying off. Way to go!

WP said...

What great news Rob! I love it, the R's have run the account into the red. Congratulations to all of you!

Emily said...

What in the heck is Hartley charging "commissions" for anyway? Didn't the man get a salary? He is charging commissions for doing his job??? What on *earth* is conservative and responsible about that?