Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Utah State Legislative leaders defend China trip

Utah legislative leaders Tuesday defended a trip 14 of them will make this July to China.

During a meeting of the Executive Appropriations Committee, leaders of both political parties from the House and Senate voted to increase the number of lawmakers going to Liaoning Province in northern China from 12 legislators to 14.

Deseret News: Legislative leaders defend China trip

The Senate Site: The Middle Kingdom


Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big deal is about this trip.

Is Amicus Utah as dense as the rest of Utah when it comes to global issues?

Where are discussing the largest economic force in the world...our largest trading partner.

Think of the balance of trade between Utah and China and what that would do for our economy if that level of trade went up by 2%?

Think of the cheap goods that China produces...look at yourselves in the mirror and think about all the goods that you purchase from Walmart that are made in China.

Go thru your clothing and look at how much is imported from China.

If this trip brings an extra 10 million to the state ... I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

Look what Clinton did in China./.can we do worse?

The biotech equipment transfer opens up a new and dangerous front in the mushrooming Chinagate scandal, in which China's People's Liberation Army spies conspired with Clinton-Gore bagmen to illegally sway the election and influence White House trade and military policy. The PLA is frantically trying to modernize its weapons systems, and needs U.S. military technology to do it."

Angry white male said...

So they are going to China..big deal.

As long as they improve trade and the economy who cares?

We shouldn’t be concerned with China Humans rights record.

Human rights are not that...they are human prividlidges, that would be a better word.

China’s record on rights is an internal domestic matter and we are better to avoid it, just like if you hear screaming or crying from your neighbors is better to avoid it than be a bad neighboir and get involved.