Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chairman Wayne Holland Jr. says, "Senator Bennett misses the point"

On March 29 I wrote in an Op-ed published in the Deseret Morning News Utah was not receiving much benefit from Republican domination of the state legislature and congressional delegation. Last Monday, Senator Bob Bennett responded with a "my view" column of his own.

In my original column I briefly mentioned Senator Bennett's declaration that Bush's threat to veto a bill intended to give D.C. a vote in Congress and Utah a fourth seat effectively rendered that bill's chances in the Senate close to zero. This apparently triggered Senator Bennett's response.

However, Senator Bennett goes on to state Democrats should "stop complaining about the voters and start appealing to them." In my original column I made a point of praising the voters of Utah for their recent efforts to place the voucher question on the ballot. In fact, no where did I "complain" about Utah voters.

I did point out it is mighty difficult for Utah voters to hold accountable legislators that have intentionally drawn district boundaries in such a way it is nearly impossible for some legislators to lose regardless of their voting record. Tooele County has four state senators representing their county for example, but not a single senator living in the county. In fact, two Democratic senators were intentionally put in the same district in 2001 to ensure there would be at least one less Democrat in the Utah Senate come 2002. Perhaps Senator Bennett feels this represents the best of American democracy, but neither the Utah Democratic Party nor the people of Utah do.

Senator Bennett concludes his response by stating "the state Legislature is not about to change the law so that votes cast for Democrats carry more weight than those cast for Republicans." I would certainly hope not. Such a law would be a blatant violation of both the Utah and U.S. Constitution.

Democrats have consistently advocated and introduced legislation that would create a bi-partisan redistricting commission made up in equal parts of Democrats and Republicans. How this violates our nation's commitment to one person-one vote is beyond me.

Perhaps Senator Bennett will respond personally to this post and explain how a bi-partisan commission required to give the public the opportunity to review and comment upon any proposal they make somehow gives Democratic voters greater influence in an election than Republican voters. Perhaps he can also explain how dividing up communities like Tooele, Helper, Price, Moab and Ogden to maximize the likelihood of Republican success is a better way to handle redistricting than attempting to keep communities intact without regard to the party affiliation of incumbent legislators eager to hold on to power.

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Jeremy said...

Well said Mr. Holland!

Republicans like to pretend that the playing field is level. They do this in the face of the fact that for more than a generation they have worked to rig the system to their benefit.

Great post.

Pat Conniff said...

OK, the cry babies out there need to shut it down. Redistricting cannot help our party (read: NOT the party of jackasses).
Seriously, why would we want to vote to redistrict when that would obviously change the make-up of the legislature. The Democrats have been given just enough rope to hang only themselves. To provide them with more rope, via redistricting, would only jeapordize the rest of us. We would all indeed be hung.
The bi-partisanism you speak of only exists in your fantasies. That is not the real world of politicks and shall not be until the Earth has been rolled together as a scroll. At that point, we shall consider "redistricting", with The Lord as our leader. Until then, find a new issue Utah Dems.
Now as any good Republican would do, I shall leave you with a "solution" to this challenge:
REDISTRICT ALONG PARTY LINES. I have no problem with the Dems controlling Magna. It SHOULD be a Democrats haven if it isn't already. Plenty of drug users, unemployeed welfare exploiters, and various minorities for you to put your fat, hairy, motherly arms around.
In trade, the GOP will take East Millcreek, including Holliday and Olympus Cove.
The Dems can have Sugarhouse with it's gay pride and fetish communities, and the GOP will control South Mountain.
You see, party lines have been drawn, don't try to erase them. If your not comfortable taking a side, please consider Switzerland as an alternative home.
I don't mean to sound harsh, I just want to ensure that my children understand the concept of "have's versus have-nots".

Part of the Plan said...

Well Pat, if you're teaching them, it's certain they will at least get half the lesson right.

Seriously, that comment should be cast in stone and placed as a monument on the Utah State Capitol grounds as a way to remind all Utah citizens what it means to be a Proud Republican.

BTW Pat it's "Holladay" not "Holliday" brain dead moron.

Donkey Darrell said...

Pat, you are a scumbag.

Be real, you are scared of a fair playing field.

BTW, Christ picked less than perfect people to be his apostles. I doubt you would qualify since your shit doesn't seem to stink.

pat conniff said...


an old fashioned demcrat who votes said...

Pat yopu speak the truth

hello dashing said...

Pat Conniff, Old Dem -

You have got to be kidding me. Who the hell are you? Haves vs. Have Nots? Redistrict along party lines?

Partisanship is ruining America as we once knew it. And you want to keep the status quo.

God bless America.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pat, Olympus Cove and Holladay are now Democratic strong holds.

Man, something smells here!

Anonymous said...

As most Utah voters are registered independents, the claim of any moral authority by Democratic [sic] Party pols in Utah to lecture anyone about fair elections by proposing an exclusive bi-partisan body to further entrench the disenfranchisement of independent voters is laughable.

Randy Hawkins said...

I Think The republicans Here in this State Don't Get the point. They are worried if a Democrat Get's voted in by Utah. Utah will Be A Sesspool of Liberal views. But thank you Mr. Holland For your asessment.

hello dashing said...

I don't think Chairman Holland is claiming moral authority. He is saying that our legislature is out of touch with what the people want. He didn't say that Democrats have all the answers... he said that to be better representatives of the people, we need more balance in the legislature.

If you read what he is saying, there is really no more to it than that... Holland is simply advocating for an independent redistricting commission - to make sure that legislative boundaries are drawn fairly and not simply on keeping legislative seats.

Pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Single member districts are the problem that an "independent" redistricting commission cannot solve.

Demonstrate that you're paying attention by following the links above and absorbing their content.