Thursday, April 19, 2007

I give him a week, maybe two

Yahoo! News: Gonzales struggles to sway skeptics

MSNBC: Gonzales fends off senator's call that he resign

CNN: White House insiders: Gonzales hurt himself before panel


Bob said...

I'm surprised he's lasted this long.

Bush gave him the heckofa job speech quite a while ago.


a sugar house resident said...

If he is forced out, it will upset a lot of hispanic voters who think that people where out to get a minority canadite.

Reach Upward said...

I am sort of reminded of Harriet Meyers.

Truth in Politics said...

It seems immature to insinuate that this is about race.

Jenni said...

That banner holder looks like a member of Code Pink -- they are great at that kind of stuff.

I'm sure most hispanic voters are smart enough to know that a bad egg is a bad egg, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.