Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Senate Site


Angry white male said...

Just think how great society was then...when education was limited to private and parochial education, it was true freedom back then, before the development of public education and educrats and p.c. teachers who hurt our children.

Back then education was limited to those who had a right ...not like today where any illegal immigrant can burn our tax dollars in public schools.

gop man! said...

Keep the dumb, poor Mexicans stupid and poor so they will work for nickels and dimes.

Ya, public education has made every man think that he should be worth more than he is.

Privatize education and the USA can eventually compete economically with China.

There are lords and masters, and then there are servants. We need more servants.

Richard Watson said...

Hey Angry White Male:
In your you own a white hood of anykind?

Anonymous said...

angry white male -

Shut up. I've been reading your posts and you're just being a big ass.

And by the way, I'm a republican man.