Friday, July 21, 2006

Sami Boy Turns Two: The Mad-Atter Golf Classic

First it was the Mayor Peter Corroon Classic. Then it was The McGruff Summer Classic with Christian Burridge. However, the best golf tounament of the year, The Mad-Atter Golf Classic, was held last Saturday in honor of Sami Boy's second birthday.

Although hat-less in this photo our son Sami loves hats (pronounced "AT")! Every morning after breakfast Sami gets dressed and picks out his hat for the day, which usually does not come off until he gets ready for bed. Let me also add that Sami doesn't just fall for any old hat, he's a preppy, and only certain hats make the grade.

I want to thank my wife Michelle for putting together such a fun and memorable birthday for our Sam Sam, who may just be my redemption on the golf course someday. It was a fun party, and everyone who played at Sami's tournamnet was a winner! Enjoy!

Sami's older sister Abby was in charge of the sign-in table

Cousin Audrey Brown is wondering if she should change clubs

Sami takes aim in his attempt for birdie

Sami makes birdie, but is already concentrating on the next hole

Will cousin Jake make it past the water trap?

Cousin Adam Brown bogeys while Sami's sister Anna turns away laughing

The crowd looks on in quiet anticipation wondering if Sami Boy's luck will hold out

Gabe and Jake Freeman finish just behind Sami-Boy

You can have the winning ball momma!

Sami concentrates on the flame while aunt Rosa hold his "AT" cake

For those who ate some of Sami's cake let's go back in time

Grandma Judy (my mom) and Papa Steve smile as Sami brings home another championship

Can you believe all the great prizes Sami Boy won?

The End


sarahbellum said...

love the pics, what a cute family!

Rob said...

Congrats on your new opportunity Sarah, I told you that you have great potential.

Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Rob -

Sam is so cute. My littlest is named Sam, also -- but he is 9 and I just hate that! ;-)

Happy Belated birthday to the cutest little bug in Davis County.