Tuesday, July 18, 2006

8th Annual McGruff Summer Classic with Christian Burridge

This year's 8th Annual McGruff Summer Classic Golf Tournament was held at the Alpine Country Club in beautiful Alpine, Utah. The purpose of this event is to raise money "to create and implement positive, preventative strategies designed to reduce crime, violence, substance abuse, and related problems in Utah communities." Judging by the turnout and the sponsorship levels, this is a very successful fundraiser.

Fortunate for my golfing companions my late arrival gave Christian and his brother John the opportunity to golf with Lor Pace from UBS Financial Services and Top Fuel Drag Racer, Aaron Olivarez. As we were drag racing down the front nine I found out that both men are originally from Logan, Utah, as is my wife Michelle. When I asked if they knew Michelle Doney (her maiden name) Aaron laughed and replied, "She's my cousin!"

Also on the course that day were many of the fine officers from the Davis County Sheriff's Department as well as the Layton City Police. In an attempt to protect the innocent I cannot name names due to the fact that Davis County Sheriff Bud Cox may, or may not have known that his officers were in attendance. .

Major sponsor XanGo, was everywhere. I received a XanGo hat, a XanGo bag, and a XanGo windbreaker. We even received free samples of XanGo Juice which was pretty cool considering that a case of four bottles of this miracle juice can cost you about $100.00 (down from $300.00 two years ago).

It was a great event spent with some great people and I appreciate Christian's invitation. Most importantly, I have found the solution to Ethan's (SLCSPIN) ReAL Salt Lake Soccer dilemma; forget about it Ethan and start following drag racing!

Enjoy the photos.

What a view!

Where is the ball?

She really married you?

Think like the ball Christian

D.A.R.E. Guy

Davis County's Finest

Lor watches the golf cart while Aaron drives

I think you missed the ball John

What exactly are Democrats?

The End


Natalie said...

That is Officer Mike, our school's D.A.R.E. officer! He is fabulous, and he has a sweet ride!

Kudos to Bountiful's own Tibby Milne, Director of the Utah Council on Crime Prevention, for throwing such a great gig!

JM Bell said...

I can't believe you guys went golfing and didn't call me.