Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Independence Day 2006!

Davis County Commission, Seat B candidate, Chris Martinez and I will be throwing candy at the Clearfield and Layton Independence Day parades today. I will also visit different locations in Syracuse, Centerville, Farmington, and Bountiful today. Later this evening, the Miller and Hatfield kids will be shooting off fireworks at sunset. Stop on by, and say hi!

Have a wonderful Independence Day!


john marlor said...

You didn't invite the Mccoy clan are you looking for trouble? Remember it is candy and not rocks, take it easy on the kids. Have a great 4th and don't burn up your backyard you klutz. Cheers for our great country we have made it through another year and survived repeated attempts to drag us down. Long live the democratic process!! Happy birthday to us the U.S.

Nyarla said...

Independence Day in an era of total interdependant servitude?
Why aren't we questioning the outsourcing
of Delphi, and the Sale of Chryslers
Machine Tool Capacity and Assembly Line?

We'll be celebrating our upcoming Fourths
in a cesspool of third-world filth if we
sell out our remaining Industrial Capacity!

Save Our nation!


Anonymous said...

nyarla get off your soap box for a day and just enjoy the fact you live in the U.S. It is you and your whiney buddies that have allowed this to happen. What have you done to help? Were you in the military? Have you done a damn thing except to complain? These questions you raise are real and yes we should smack down the companies and the people who advocate these processes. Quit bitching and do something about it.

Nyarla said...

Greetingz Anonymous,

I apologize for the alarmism;
it surely indicates how rattled
i feel; with the advance of the
dismantlement of our Physical
Economy; leading into the charade
of the Speculative Market...

If we're going to continue to exist
as a nation - we're going to need
Emergency Action; which is what my
job is.

Again, I apologize for the alarmism!
It is a critical subject..