Monday, July 03, 2006

Jeff Hatch for Salt Lake County Auditor

Jeff Hatch has combined a career in financial management and communications with public policy involvement as a founder of the Coalition for Utah’s Future and Envision Utah.

Jeff received his bachelor’s degree in Communications from Stanford University. After completing a dual masters program in Journalism and Business Administration at Columbia University, he returned to Utah to join the family media business. Responsibilities covered all aspects of management of newspaper, radio and television broadcasting and real estate properties, including serving as President/General Manager of KUTV Channel 2 in Salt Lake.

At KUTV, Jeff led the development of two public service campaigns, Baby Your Baby and Check Your Health. The Utah State Department of Health measured a substantial health improvement for newborns as a result, and the TV station added in excess of $1 million new revenues by syndicating the campaigns nationally. KUTV’s Project 2000 series of documentaries inspired the formation of the Coalition for Utah’s Future, a citizen-action group first chaired by Scott Matheson, former governor of Utah. Jeff Hatch served as CFO of the Coalition from its inception.

After CBS acquired KUTV in 1995, Jeff became Executive Director of the UITA Foundation. In 1998, Jeff Hatch acquired the Murray and Valley Eagle newspapers. Local community news and information was restored under a new masthead, Your Green Sheet. After selling the newspaper late in 2000, Jeff started consulting in marketing and financial planning. He currently has a financial planning practice with Lincoln Financial Advisors.

Highlights of Jeff Hatch’s community service include 8 years as a trustee of Southern Utah, 15 years as Chairman of Pioneer Craft House in South Salt Lake City, and membership in the Salt Lake City Rotary Club. He has participated in political campaigns of many Democrats, from Wayne Owens to Peter Corroon in 2004.

Jeff is married to Margaret "Peggy" Hatch, a psychologist with a private practice is Salt Lake City. They have three children, Evelyn, 32, Christine, 31, and Andrew, 27, and two grandchildren. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys classical music, backcountry skiing and hiking.


Anonymous said...

Will you be highlighting all the candidates?

Rob said...

Any candidate who submits information will be highlighted.