Saturday, July 08, 2006

Subject: Press Release--State House Dist 19 Candidate, Richard Watson

Richard Watson of Bountiful, is announcing his candidacy for the State House of Representatives, District 19.

Bio of Richard Watson,
Born in a military hospital and raised in Utah, Richard Watson has lived in Bountiful for the past 19 years where he has strived to improve the Bountiful area with a special emphasis on improving public education. In addition, Richard believes in helping families in need. For that reason, he regularly donates and volunteers at the Bountiful Community Food Pantry.

For the last six years, Richard has served as the Chair of the Davis County Democratic Party in helping the party members be more positive with public recognition and respect. As a result, independent and unaffiliated voters in Davis County now have confidence in choosing more than one candidate. Richard is a firm believer in open government and has opened all party business to the public with the intent of involving others; non-officers and non-Democrats alike. Since last fall, the residents of South Davis have had the opportunity of reading Richard’s bi-monthly columns in the Davis County Clipper. His “Party Lines” articles have shown that he has strong community values with a common sense approach to solving our local and political problems.

Richard feels that public education in Bountiful is important to the growth and success of our city and our county. As a two term president of the Bountiful Elementary School Community Council, Richard saw first hand how important it is for parents, teachers, administrators and community residents to work together in improving our local schools. And as a Legislative Correspondent for the Bountiful Elementary PTA, he witnessed how most elected leaders neglect our neighborhood schools. In addition, Richard is currently a member of the Davis County Tobacco-Free Coalition as they are developing programs to prevent school-aged children from smoking.

Richard is currently employed in the corporate office of Associated Food Stores as a merchandising and shelf-space analyst. With the many years in the food business and customer service, Richard has a deep understanding of helping people, because “the customer always comes first”.

At Utah State University, Richard participated in student government and was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. It was there, he became interested in government with the realization that bonding a community together is the best way to trust government.

While in Logan, Richard met his future wife, Carol. They have been married 19 years and have two wonderful sons; Andy and Bret.

In his youth, Richard participated in baseball, basketball, football and tennis. His pastime is still athletics as he enjoys playing golf and basketball. He also enjoys being involved in youth sports teams such as Jr. Jazz basketball and Mueller Park Baseball. His favorite teams to watch are USU football and basketball games, and the Utah Jazz.

Richard is active in his church and has had various church callings over the years, including a two year mission to Mexico.

Favorite Books: Standing for Something, by Gordon B. Hinckley; Our Endangered Values, by Jimmy Carter; Season of Life, by Jeffery Marx.
Favorite Movies: Field of Dreams; The Natural; Good Night and Good Luck; Back to the Future; Men in Black; Shrek.
Favorite TV shows: West Wing; The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Campaign Objectives:

In Utah, our lives and our families are constantly challenged with changes. Many times, we are faced with changes that are influenced by factors beyond our control. However, there are times where government can set policies that affect our communities, our schools and our families.

We should make every effort to:

Properly fund public education as stated in the Utah Constitution.
Improve and secure our economic future with new energy technology jobs as well as educate a work force to build the new sources of energy.
Protect working families that value hard work and value a future for their children.
Secure a future with affordable healthcare for all and not for just a few.
Develop fair and equitable tax policies for everyone; not handouts that benefit a few of the most affluent residents.
Hold government accountable with a check on government secrecy and any conflicts of interest that are weakening today’s government.
Keep lobbyists in check and assure the residents of Davis County that they are the “special interest” group.
Work with local city governments as a team in solving local growth problems while developing sensible transportation policies.

For more information, please visit or you may contact the campaign by phone: 801-292-6772.

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nyarla said...

What a great upcoming candidate!
Real nice sounding community
initiatives; hope the best for Mr. Watson!