Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clearfield and Layton's Independence Day Parades, 2006


The Clearfield Parade was our first stop on the 4th of July. Chris Martinez (Davis Commission - Seat B, candidate) and I threw 50 lbs of taffy into the crowd. Chris's grandson Jacob (below) also came along for the ride and Chris's wife Arcy was our pilot. Chris and I would like to thank Ron Brooks from Cutrubus Motors Chrysler Jeep for the use of the convertible PT Cruiser.

This guy sure loves Democrats!

The "A" and "B" Team

The Man!

Why I had the best seat in the house...
Million dollar smiles

My two daughters, Abby and Anna, decided to join us in Layton. At first they wanted nothing to do with the parade, that is until my number two daughter Anna decided that to jump into our car. That was all that was needed for Abby to decide that she was going too. I did not know this until after, but Sami was pretty bent that he did not get to ride in the car, but time was short, and I failed when I believed that "NO!" meant no. Overall, both parades were great fun, especially since I had the best seat in the house, the seat that allowed me see the important faces of Davis County.


The Miller girls love Arcy Martinez!

Cool Shoes!

Now Sami Boy is happy!

The crowd keeps getting bigger...

and bigger!
The End

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