Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Show Pete The Money!

Pete Ashdown has moved from last into third place on Pac for Change!
From a comment left by Anonymous on SLCSPIN.
From last to third in just a four days. I guess a lot of people think a lot of Pete and of his chances Anonymous.

We can take Pete to Number ONE, and by doing so, we can do something special for ourselves, and for our next Senator.
Vote here, or donate here!


Steve said...

I just love Anonymous. He, she, um... it is so easy to hold accountable for what it says. It makes comments all over the place.

DemDiva said...

I sent a copy of the link to vote for Pete to all of the people on my contact list. I also posted it to Democracy for Utah's site. I also posted it to my own little blog. Some of the people on my contact list are in California and Arizona.

One of the things that makes me the most frustrated is the unwillingness of some people to dream and believe!

Give it a shot! Send the site address to your parents, your friends, your enemies, everyone in the State and out of the State! We have a chance to make a difference!

This is a no bitch and moan site!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Pete is even in the runnimg, coming from Utah is awesome!