Thursday, July 13, 2006

Farmington's Festival Days

Simply put, Farmington puts on a great parade and festival

Here come the Democrats!

In Rob's
1973 International Scout
Pete Ashdown was there

Wait a minute, I t
hink one of those kids is from Centerville!

Again I must say that it was a well prepared festival

With great entertainment

for this standing room only crowd
The Farmington Floaters

It really was crowded, in all the right ways
There was a waterslide

And a big white Tootsie Roll for climbing

But nobody would let House 19 candidate Richard Watson play

So Pete, Chris, and I bought him some candy from Farmington Floral

And we found him two new friends

So that we could say that EVERYONE in Farmington had a truly GREAT DAY!

The End


john marlor said...

Damn fine photography considering the conditions and the equipment.

Bob said...

My parents and I used to ride our bikes up that way. One year, we were riding and discovered that we had to follow the parade route back to our car at the courthouse. We slipped into the parade when there was a bit of a gap.

It felt like our own personal Tour de France.


Darrell said...

I saw Miller crusin around in his Scout II. It was funnier than hell! You looked so cool, dude.