Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lavar Christensen Says:

At a recent gathering in Utah's Washington County, Rep. Lavar Christensen, candidate for Utah's Second Congressional District said the following,
"Tolerance is the religion of people who no longer believe in anything."
I bet that is exactly what Mormon Pioneers (my ancestors) felt as they were chased out of Nauvoo, Illinois.
Membership grew rapidly from 1830 to 1845, and the church prospered. Hostility, fear, and controversy, however, surrounded the church. The rapid growth of church membership, the financial success of the members and their church, religious beliefs that were outside mainstream Christian tradition, the practice of plural marriage (polygamy), a large well-armed militia, the blurring of lines between church and state, and the perception by some non-Mormons that the church was a threat all fueled intolerance. Hostilities escalated, and on June 27, 1844, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed by an angry mob while jailed in Carthage, Illinois (Taken from The Mormon Pioneer Trail website).
Maybe in a hundred years Lavar's family will make a formal apology.


Jeremy said...

Great post!

I love Republican politicians in Utah but their voters drive me crazy. The politicians keep saying and doing the most stupid things imaginable making life interesting for those of us who get to point these things out. Republican voters are so aggravating because they just don't pay attention and keep voting for the jerks anyway.

(The charitable view is that they don't pay attention. The alternative is they are as rotten as the guys they vote for and I just don't want to believe that)

Steve said...

Wasn't Jesus Christ -- a symbol of the Religious Right that dominates the Republican Party -- tolerant of others?

Darrell said...

It is important to remember history. It is important to remember our roots.

Good work.

Kim said...

And Bigotry is the Religion of the intolerant.

Anonymous said...

Home Run!

John marlor said...

Tolerance is the religion of those who have confidence in their beliefs and are not threatened by opposing opinions.

Paul Hanson said...

The Republican Party is pulling out their wedge issues. Intolerance is part of their plan to remain in control.

Remember ERA? All it said was that people could not be discriminated against because of their sex. It was distorted and 30 something years later look at the one-party domination that rules our State lining the pockets of wealthy individuals while they ignore the weakest in our society.

It is time to break the spell.

I pray that we don't fall for it again, but if it worked once.

Anonymous said...

I guess in Lavar's world 9/11 was justified... and I suppose that Lavar is a big fan of Mohammed Atta, and he must really love all the death and destruction by those intolerant insurgents in Iraq.

Is this the direction he wants to lead our country to? A land of intolerant people that kills anybody who has opposing beliefs?

I think there was another guy in history who had similar views. I think his name was Adolf.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand political know it alls like yourselves. It takes guts to run for politics...have you ever done it? At least LaVar Christensen has those guts and isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes.

Rob said...

Dear Anonymous,

That's why I'm here. I ran for vice chair of the Democratic Party twice and once for Davis County Commissioner.

"At least LaVar Christensen has those guts and isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes."

Might I add that I stand behind this post openly, not anonymously.

One last question, does it take guts to send goons out into Sandy spreading lies about Trisha Beck? I think not, in fact I think it is pretty underhanded and cowardly.

Thanks for dropping by.