Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cache County Democrats Community Forum and Other Announcements

Cache Democrat's Community Forum
Tuesday, 20 June
Richard Toth on Cache Valley: 2030

One of the major efforts the Cache Democrats have undertaken is to put on forums on important local and personal issues. Gayle Knapp has managed to find many great speakers who have been able to talk about issues that are significant to our lives in Cache Valley and in Utah. This next one has to do with what the future of Cache Valley could be like a generation from now. It is based on detailed analyses of development patterns. Come look at the future!

Come hear Dr. Richard Toth, Dept. of Environment and Society, College of Natural Resources, USU, talk about Cache Valley: 2030. This Forum is Tuesday, 20 June, starting at 7 PM, in the Multipurpose Room of the County Administration Building (179 N. Main, Logan). Please come in the back door.
Do you wonder what Cache Valley will look like in a few years if development continues at its present rate? You'll find some answers/predictions at the Community Forum. Dr. Richard Toth will speak about his research using computer simulations to predict growth in our valley. His images of Cache Valley in the year 2030 will "blow your socks off." Come see them and discuss the great need for planning for the future.
Please help pass the word about this Forum and please come.

Cache Democrats' Regular Meeting
Saturday, 10 June

The next regular meeting for the Cache Democrats is Saturday, 10 June 2006, at Cabin Fever Cafe (180 W 1200 S, Logan), starting at 8:00 AM . The one after that will be two week later. (We are back to the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.)

The agenda:
  1. At the Caucus Meetings (you remember them, they weren't that long ago!), many of you volunteered to do many things to help the Cache Democrats and our very deserving candidates. A significant portion of this meeting will be devoted to creating the organization we need to take advantage of this great volunteer willingness.
  2. The intent of these regular meetings is to deal with the business of the County Party. While we do that, there is always a tendency to discuss issues and politics, in general. (How can we help it? There are so many things to discuss!) We have been wondering--and this is a question for all of you--if this "tendency" doesn't represent a serious, untapped need. We all want to discuss political issues. Can we devise a better mechanism or opportunity for doing this, a good venue for doing this, and venue or situation where more people can participate? If you have ideas, send them to me and we will discuss them. Better yet, come to the meeting.
  3. At the County Convention (which was even more recent than the Caucus meetings), we presented an update to our platform, and four major resolutions. In the discussion, some minor corrections, suggestions, and clarifications were made. We want to make sure all these have been incorporated and we want to work out a plan for desseminating and publicizing them.
All the best, Vince

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