Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Utah's New Super Hero, THE FLY!?


The Senate Site said...

Superhero or villian depends on his level of integrity and how well he cross-checks the accuracy of his anonymous sources.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like Spiderman.

Senor X said...

Have been doing some checking myself, as I work in public schools and speak with many parents and administrators.........there is a lot of "creativity" that goes into financing these projects......people like Ferrin charge an astronimical rate and do it not over 50 years, but over 20 -30 just like a mortgage.......they are not even building these schools past a lifetime of 30 years......ask them and they will tell you that!
Overall, this is a short-term fix for parents ......and not a real success long-term for the students. There are still many bugs that need to be worked out with charter schools. I think charter schools are a good inbetween for now and take heat off the "Voucher" issue for the time being, but there is definitly shit on the shoes of Ferrin and Morely...."Mr. I charge them out the ass and personally collect the parents I tricked into going with us and Mr. I build them so that they won't stand long enough for their kids to attend in the future."

Senor X said...

...That was..."collect $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ off of the unsuspecting, hard-working parents..."

Thank You, Senor

You're welcome.