Thursday, June 08, 2006

Don L. Miller, "IT'S TIME!" A New Voice Fighting For Utah Values, District 75

Elect Don L. Miller (D) to Utah House of Rep. District 75. I'll fight for bipartisanship and the Utah values of individual responsibility and government helping only those who need help. I dislike taxes, but I'm eager to support Utah's core values when necessary. I'm committed to Utah values of:
  • Being fiscally conservative and insisting on spending tax dollars with extreme care.
  • Providing a first-rate educational system to create economic growth and high paying jobs for our middle class and help pull the disadvantaged into the middle class.
  • Supporting all businesses, especially our local businesses that are the heart and soul of our local economy.
  • Preserving our quality of life through smart planning to avoid development that produces unbreathable air and traffic jams.
  • Creating parks and bike paths for our children to play.
  • Treating all people as equals, and valuing all families.
  • Working to help our workers and seniors obtain decent affordable housing.
  • Senior citizen and children issues are our issues.
  • Seeking the views of all citizens and valuing their wisdom.
  • Seeking ways to provide affordable medical insurance for all.
  • Being extremely proud to be an American first and foremost, and then proud to fight for Utah values.
I'm a native son and the Chairman of the Washington County Salvation Army Service Committee. I was formerly an issue area manager with the US GAO, the congressional watchdog agency, which gives me 30 years experience in evaluating government programs.

By embracing bipartisanship we can adopt the great ideas needed to elevate Utah governance to a new world class level. Any amount contributed to the "Don L. Miller Election Campaign" is most appreciated. Mail to:

Jim Guard at 803 Lizzie Lane, St. George, UT 84790. Contact me at:

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