Wednesday, June 07, 2006


On Saturday May 27, 2006 I spent my day shooting with The Davis County Republican Women (DCRW) and House District 14 Representative, Curt Oda.

Last year when I attended the Davis County Fair, I introduced myself to several Republican elected officials from Davis County. Afterwards, I wrote several "nice to meet you" notes to those officials. One actually responded back, Rep Curt Oda. After some serious dialog on gun owner's rights Rep. Oda invited me to his concealed weapons class. I promised I would attend but I was ill the day the class was held. I was also unavailable during his next class, but lucky for me I was able to attend last May.

The night before the class I received an e-mail that explained that several of my classmates would be from the DCRW. Although a little concerned for my well being, I decided that at long as none of these ladies bore the name Cheney, I might as well take the chance.

I met Kaysville's Mayor Necka Roundy, DCRW President Trudie Biggers, DCRW Treasurer Mericia Milligan, as well as several other fine DCRW members. One member even knew and remembered my grandmother Helen Romney, who met her second husband Vernon Romney Sr. while he served as the State Republican Chair, and she as the state vice chair.

I was surprised by some of the stories told at the beginning of class. One very decent young lady, like many of us, made a poor decision when choosing a boyfriend. She wanted to complete her training before her ex was released from prison.

Another couple explained how they had been physically attacked by a neighbor at church and how all the police or courts could do was to place a restraining order on the perpetrator.

My story explained my early experience with firearms. My mother Judy (The Queen Bee) was raised in Winnemucca, Nevada. While I was growing up our family would spend much of the summer in Winnemucca with my mother's family. One form of entertainment was to drive down to the city dumps and shoot rats. The adults would sit on their folding chairs, drinking a cooler full of Coors Beer (with the Queen Bee being the exception) , while two five year old boys ( me and my cousin Jim Jim) would play with loaded firearms. For me, "you dirty rat" was just a predecessor to many of today's video games. For some reason, many years later, Nevada outlawed this form of entertainment at the Winnemucca dumps. Life has never been the same.

I want to thank Rep. Oda for the invitation, and for helping me remember such fine childhood memories, the opportunity to attend his well prepared class (although stationary targets are not the same), and for the great opportunity to meet the fine ladies of the DCRW. It was a worth while experience, especially since I'm alive and well to talk about it.

Photos: 1. Me dreaming of better days 2. The idiot who messes with any DCRW member 3. DCRW President Trudie Biggers, and Treasurer Mercia Milligan 4. Trudie takes aim 5. All you have to do is say, "it was an accident" 6. Kaysville's Mayor Necka Roundy


john marlor said...

Better than shooting Democratic Men for sure! Glad you were able to get out and get some fresh air. Did you actually shoot a gun or were you on the sidelines? Or maybe behind the targets? They prpbably changed the law because you kept shooting up the town instead of the dump. Am happy you met some nice people at this function and were able to make friends on the other side of the fence. Keep up the good work in bringing people together to fight for the rights and future of the State. Thanks for all your excellent in the state and your concern for things that affect the state and the citizens of all counties. Keep fighting the good fight.

DemDiva said...

Do the Democratic Ladies have a shooting club? If not,I nominate Billie Gay Larsen as President after she wins the election as Salt Lake county Treasurer.

I think this is a great idea! Who knew you could bond over bullets?