Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Salt Lake Tribune on Trisha Beck, Candidate for Senate District 9

One of the great people I have met while serving as vice chair is Trisha Beck. We at the Party could think of no better candidate for distict 9 than Trisha. While Trisha and I sat in Wayne's office she told me the story of the birth of her last child. Her doctors had told Trisha that the birth of this child could possibly take her life. However, Trisha decided to go forward with the birth putting her unborn baby's life above her own.

She has gone through some diffacult campaigns; one in which two men in dark suits went door to door spreading untruths about her morals and values, and thus bearing false witness for political gain. I know how these lies can affect a person, but Trisha, after consulting with her Bishop and Stake President decided that the true causes are worth the fight, and she decided to once again make the attempt to serve her neighbors in Sandy, Utah.

I love Trisa, and I love what she stands for, but most of all I admire and love her courage.

To read the Salt Lake Tribune article by Rebecca Walsh click here, or on the title or on Trisha's photo (above with future Senator and friend, Rep. Pat Jones). Trisha Beck will make a great Senator, as she is already one great Utahn.


Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Here here! I agree that Trisha Beck is the best choice for Utah. I have known her for a short time, but I feel like I've known her forever. She is truly one of the most genuine and honest people I know. GO TRISHA!

Bob said...

I had a member of my ward come up to me one day and say "so, I hear you're active in the Democratic party."

It's the type of phrase that makes me nervous. He asked me if I knew Trisha. He had grown up in her ward, and helped on many of her House campaigns.

I hadn't met her, but I had to introduce myself at the SLCounty convention, and share the story.



Rob said...
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Rob said...

That happened to me Bob at a Halloween Party. The way it was said almost seemed positive until I realized that the lady who said it was convinced that I, like her daughter in college, was just going through a phase. Funny thing, that lady has not spoken to me since.

Oh well, when I get over my phase (because I'm dead in a casket) maybe she will be my friend.

Bob said...

There's a member of my ward who has told me repeatedly that I'm destined to Hell.


4agency said...

I've heard Trisha's story about HER DECIDING to have her last child. The key is she had the choice and now wants to take the same choice away from others. Of course the alternative Republican candidate is also against giving women this choice.

augiesmom said...

I'm a registered Republican, and Trisha Beck is Utah's Sarah Palin! We need Trisha in the House of Representatives to shake up the good-old-boys club! Furthermore, her opponant Lavar Christensen was in the House for several years and he certainly didn't get anything done with illegal immigration, an issue first and foremost on the minds of most Utahns. Any constituant in District 48 who beleives they should vote for Lavar Christensen because he's a priesthood holder, or because he's a republican, should get on their knees and pray for descernment, because they clearly don't have any!

Jen Hill said...

Hooray for Trisha Beck!