Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Josh Miller for Iron County Commisioner

My name is Josh Miller and I am running for Iron County Commissioner on the Democratic ticket. Last year I was married to my wife Sheri. We recently had our first baby, we named him Ethan. I work as an electrician for Utah Power. I started my career in 1995 as an apprentice electrician working in the construction industry.

This is my first try at a political office. I first became politically active by writing my legislators and senators about bills that affect working people. From there I started attending Democratic meetings and now here I am.

I would like to dispel some myth's that I think keep Utahn's from voting for Democrats. I drive a pickup truck, shoot guns, ride atv's, one of these days I am going to draw out for the elk hunt, and no I don't want to drain Lake Powell, on the contrary I want them to quit letting so much water out before our time share is beached. I am a typical Utahn that has been brought up with an outdoor heritage just like most of you. When people ask me why I am a Democrat I tell them because "I work for a living."

In recent years the Democratic Party has moved further and further away from working people. I hope that by running an affective campaign that focuses on working people we can begin to take our party back. Never in the history of our country has the wealth been so concentrated and the divide between the rich and poor been so great. I am not a socialist, but I do believe in a strong middle class. The middle class is what built this great country and it is essential for a strong economy.

As for Iron County, I think that we need to entice businesses to build their manufacturing plants here. Manufacturing jobs are generally good paying jobs that could help raise the low wages here in Iron County. I am not going to try to fool you this wont be easy, politicians have already stacked the decks against us with their free trade agreements, but I think if we work hard and put our minds together we can come up with policies that will attract businesses and preserve workers rights.

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