Monday, May 29, 2006

Photo Essay of Mexican President Vicente Fox's Visit to the Utah Legislature

Mexican President Vicente Fox with Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Utah Democratic Chair, Wayne Holland, Jr., and Utah's Attorney General, Mark Shurtliff

"Which way do we go?"
Utah's First Lady, Kay Huntsman with Mexico's First Lady, Marta Sahagun
Utah's Highway Patrol secures the area with a smile
Mark Shurtliff, Wayne Holland, and State Democratic Party Secretary, M. Xavier Hermosillo walk together to the House Chamber
Bystanders, Press, and...
President Fox's entourage enters the Utah House Chamber
El Presidente has left the building!
Senator Brent Goodfellow, Wayne Holland, and Senator Mike Dmitrich
Rep. Bud Bowman and Senator Mike Dmitrich
"Surprise!" Senators Ed Mayne and Karen Hale
Channel 5 news reporter, Jon Daley and crew member
Rep. Curt Oda with Utah State Democratic Vice Chair, Rob Miller (me)
M. Xavier Hermosillo with Utah State Democratic Hispanic Caucus Chair, Tony Yapias


JM Bell said...

Best Picture of Senator Mayne, ever.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Vicente is popping off his pistols (see "Which way do we go?")

X said...

Nice pic Sean Connery....I mean........Jeff, you look great, and I mean that as a platonic compliment. Rob.....keep it comin' few calls about your site and the peeps are lovin' it!