Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Christian Burridge "Nomination Celebration!"

Democratic Congressional Candidate for Utah's 3rd District, Christian Burridge, held a "Nomination Celebration" at his home last Friday.

His House

The food was great as Christian spared no expense in bringing in a professional burger and dog man.

Travis Wood arrived early

As did Katie, and

Wayne Holland, Jr., plus many other great people. When I first arrived the winds were strong and the sky was dark, but a small miracle occurred allowing all who attended the opportunity to enjoy each other

Chris Palmer's (the hat guy) family and friends

Who let this guy in? He looks Scottish!

She's a little bit Country

And these guys are definitely Rock N' Roll!

Little Alma Burridge fell down, but I picked her up quickly because that's what Democrats do, we carry each other

Thanks for coming

The End!

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