Saturday, May 27, 2006

Latin America is Armed and Dangerous!

Thanks to Bob Aagard's, The World, According To Me I am now certain that the time has come to reinstate the draft! Click here to watch a video prepared by Bob, with some help from our future former Senator from Utah.


Anonymous said...

Wow- What history books has Orrin Hatch been reading? It was always my understanding that the US was a threat to Latin America , not the other way around (how many times have we intervened with or tried to overthrow a democratically elected government?)!

Bah Humbug said...

Ah yes democracy in Latin America an oxymoron if there ever was one. Who was that leader of Panama who was ousted from office then decided that he didn't like the outcome and took over the country so he could keep his drug business going or the other dude in one to the smaller terrorized villages killed tourists and clergy? OK we, the U.S., are not without blame. Had we not formented a rebellion in Central America there would be no Panama Canal, bananas would be more expensive and what fun would it be if we had no enemies close to our door step. The people of Latin America are more dangerous than you think they want to spread ignorance and poverty to the rest of North America. Their leaders offer lip service about human rights, educating the masses, and other things that placate the powers that be in the U.S.