Saturday, May 06, 2006

Off To Denver, Colorado!

I'm flying to Denver today to attend a board meeting for Democrats for the West. I won't be home until Tuesday, and I am not sure if I will be able to post while gone. Enjoy the love and madness I have left for you until then.

When I return I will finish up my "Coming Soon" list as well as a very special post about Rep. Steve Urquhart's opponent, Don L. Miller; photos from "No Way Day", and my trip to Emery, Carbon, Washington, and Iron counties.

Until then, try to be good to the child within.

With every best wish, Rob


John Marlor said...

Dear Rob it is time for you to come and say good-bye to an old friend, someone who has been happy to see you each time you came by the house. She caused some trouble at times but it was never on purpose. Her time is near and I am going to be in a quandry as what to do without her. You and her have been my best friends for the past 14 years even though she has been less of a pain in the ass as you. This is going to be an extreamly hard thing for me to do cause now, for the time being, there will no one to greet me like a long lost friend when I return home. I am and will always be your friend...thanks buddy

Rob said...

Dear John, I will be home tomorrow. I understand.

Love, Rob