Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Coming Soon to The Utah Amicus!

I went to Southern Utah this weekend, had car trouble, and returned last night.

Watch for:

David is bigger than Goliath

No Way Day Photos

Chris Ferguson website

Joel Briscoe website

Emery and Carbon

Lessons from Southern Utah


Josh Miller



And so much more...

Now, back to our regular scheduled program!

1 comment:

John Marlor said...

Rob how many times have I told you that you have to turn the key to get the car to work? I know that you are extreamly busy and have a lot on your mind these days, but you have to remember the basics or your life will become even more confused than it is now. Keep up the excellent work, don't forget about the key thing, go Pete!! Down with old and out of date ideas, new thinking is required these days and the Republicians and old thinkers, not to mention just plain old, and by their actions in the past few years totally out of touch with the country in general.