Saturday, May 06, 2006

SLCSPIN, Mark Towner And Throwing Yourself On Your Sword

SLCSPIN has a very interesting post called Mark Towner And Throwing Yourself On Your Sword.

What can I say except check it out for yourself.


Spyglass said...

This was my letter sent to Joe Cannon at 12:26 am on April 30. I would like to know who forwarded a draft letter to you without my permission? I would ask you to remove the Original Post and all comments

April 29, 2006

Joe Cannon

State Chair Utah Republican Party

117 East South Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Dear Joe,

This letter is to inform you that because of unethical and repeated problems with Mr. Mike Ridgway, I resign my position on the State Central Committee, and as the Chair of the Audit Committee. Mr. Ridgway’s most recent offense occurred today during the Senate 2 Caucus election where I was a candidate. Convention rules clearly indicated that no flyers or materials were to be passed out in the caucus meetings. During the second candidate’s speech, Mr. Ridgway interrupted the caucus by passing out a flyer opposing my candidacy just before my speech. Delegates were reading Mr. Ridgeway’s information slandering me and my actions on the credentials committee two years ago.

After speaking with numerous delegates after the caucus meeting which I lost, they indicated they were distracted and or influenced by the letter and it was shameful behavior. Several delegates indicated they may have changed their votes had the true facts of the letter been presented before voting. I was not given this opportunity.

I respectfully request that the Utah Republican Party file legal action to remove Mr. Ridgway from any further involvement with the Republican Party. I can no longer associate myself with an organization that allows a member to be so disruptive to our stated goals. Failure by the party to take prompt action and seek a legal blockage of Mr. Ridgway of participating in any future Republican functions; I will have no choice but to cease any further involvement with the Utah Republican Party. Mr. Ridgway is a cancer that must be surgically removed now, or other good Republicans will leave the party as well.

It has been a pleasure working with you and the other officers of the party, and I would hope you address this issue promptly.


Mark E. Towner


cc James Evans, Salt Lake County Republican Chair

cc Senator Curt Bramble, Convention Credentials Chair

cc Fred Lampropoulos, National Committeeman

cc Senator Orrin Hatch

fan of Mark said...

Mark Towner is one of the few good Republicans we have in this state and it angers me that someone would use tactics like this against him.

While I have had some symphathies with Ridgway's efforts against the "good ol' boy" network in the state, I do not approve of his tactics and this is inexcusable.

Rob said...

I never posted Mr. Towner's letter, I only pointed to it on SLCSPIN. But it seems that you, Mr. Towner decided to post it on my blog which means you want people to read it.

The post stands as well as the comments. Funny, the only comment I received was yours, and then one from your fan.

Strange, weird, and unfortunate, but thats politics.