Thursday, May 04, 2006

House 25 candidate Chris Ferguson is the latest District 25 candidate to produce a well done website. I was actually going to post his site last Monday, but with car troubles in St. George, a blogswarm for Pete Ashdown on Tuesday, and a Business Law mid-term on Wednesday, I have once again, found myself a day late and several hundred dollars short.

Here is a excerpt from Chris's website:

"I am advocating improvements in our systems of education and health care. Class size needs to be reduced, so students can receive more individual attention. Teachers need to be better compensated for educating our youth. I believe in providing accessible and affordable healthcare to all people. We need to restore the dental and vision benefits for the Medicaid recipients in our state. Small businesses need to be given the opportunity to participate in a small business health care plan."

Other District 25 candidates include Joel Briscoe, Josh Ewing, Jack Gray, and Christine Johnson. To learn more about the great candidates who are running for District 25 simply click on their names. To learn more about Chris click here, or on his logo or photo, or simply go to

I wish the best to each candidate in this tough to call race, and I appreciate how they have all been so great to share their campaigns with The Utah Amicus.

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Bob said...

I'm glad I don't live in that district, because it is too tough a race to decide who I want.

However, I would probably be a little more glued in on the race if I were voting on it next week.