Monday, October 17, 2011


SALT LAKE CITY: Once again, Utah's Republican legislature has gone behind closed doors to discuss the congressional map. "This is the type of arrogant, pretentious, and disdainful behavior Utahns have come to expect from Utah's Republican leadership," said Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Dabakis. "The state spent nearly $1 million , sat through dozens of public meetings, and heard hundreds of comments begging for fairness and transparency. Thousands of people signed petitions, hundreds drew maps, dozens wrote letters to the editors. With this move today, Republican leadership has shown that the public process has been, at best, a waste, at worse, a complete and utter sham!"

"Today's closed caucus is an insult to the people of Utah and the Constitution. Utah's Republican power brokers are determined to tear asunder the founding principles of our great country. They've dropped all pretense of bipartisanship and transparency; all in favor of infighting over raw political power,"charged Dabakis.

Dabakis issued a challenge to Utah voters: "Next time you vote, send a message about the secrecy and back room deals. Tell the Republican power brokers that you won?t stand for it, that you won't allow Utah to operate in the dark. The solution is this: elect more Democrats! We?ll open up government. We'll stand for integrity."

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