Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fear Factory & Gimme Sugar Gourmet Donuts

On October 25, 2011 Utah's newest haunt, FEAR FACTORY, opened for business after struggling to open their gates earlier in the month due to permit issues with Salt Lake City. Fear Factory owner Rob Dunfield who was interviewed by said, " It originally began as a dream, but in the last few months it's become a nightmare."

Thank goodness for haunted house geeks like me that Rob's permit nightmare is over because Fear Factory is now my favorite for-profit haunt in Utah.

Fear Factory is located at 666 West 900 South in the old industrial section of Salt Lake City.

From the Fear Factory website: "Deep in the industrial trenches of downtown Salt Lake City, lies an old forsaken factory that was built in the 1900′s. This decrepit concrete factory that crawls across an entire city block was used and abused for decades before being abandoned and left for dead. Since then, many unsolved violent crimes have been committed here by wandering trespassers. The owner still refuses to disclose what was found when the underground tunnel system was excavated earlier this year. During its use, the combination of extreme heights, rock crushing conveyor belts and underground tunnels led to an accident rate that was so high the factory had an on-site infirmary. To this day, those who pass by can still hear the blood curdling screams from the tortured souls of those factory workers who clocked in… but never clocked out. Prepare yourselves for Industrial Grade Fear!"

From City Weekly: "While the old-guard haunted houses remain, they’ll have to keep looking over their shoulder at a new crop of attractions popping up. Fear Factory has taken a decrepit, abandoned cement factory and turned it into one of the most exciting new haunts. The building was already creepy, and Fear Factory has captured that essence—as well as added to it—by utilizing every available area of almost an entire city block in a run-down industrial zone. Fear Factory is also able to move visitors inside and outside, making sure they never get too used to one area; one of its greatest strengths is being able to take advantage of just how tall certain parts of the building are. Be warned, though: If heights aren’t your thing, you might want to consider staying outside in the safety of lurkers from the graveyard—who might just be some of the building’s former employees. 666 W. 900 South, $25 or $35 VIP,"

Another great reason to visit Fear Factory is the concessions. The atmosphere created by the Fear Factory crew should keep you entertained while you wait in line to pay the piper, but it was the gourmet donuts that kept me happy as I waited to purchase our V.I.P. wristband.

Gimme Sugar Catering has a stand featuring their gourmet donuts.  My suggestion is to ignore the price and try their caramel apple pie gourmet donuts.  At first I purchased three cinnamon and sugar donuts which are made fresh as you order. While waiting for my treat I started a conversation with the owners of Gimme Sugar Catering and told them if their donuts where as good as Boopie's Donuts in Sparks, Nevada, that I would mention them on this blog.  Understanding that word of mouth is worth it's weight in donuts they also handed me a caramel apple pie doughnut (Spelled donut).  Well, their sample worked because minutes later I was back at their stand buying two more caramel apple donuts for my friends.

Here's to Fear Factory and Gimme Sugar Catering!  Halloween is now better and tastier in SLC!

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Garfield said...

I thought this place was pretty cool this year! It was too bad they didn't get their permits earlier. I saw them in a Salt Lake City business directory and a few other places they were doing marketing, like with radio stations and stuff. Even though they stayed open later than Halloween, they would have made a lot more money if they were able to open earlier. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year.