Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Weber County Republican Party proves they have no class

Is the video below really what GOP politics is about?  The Weber County Republican Party Blog thinks so.

Weber County GOP Chair Matt Bell must be so proud.

Update:  The Weber County Republican Party Blog has taken the video down.  


Anonymous said...

Not surprised. I called Republican Davis County Chair to ask him if caging techniques were being used by his party in the 2004 elections. He had Davis County Sheriff call me back and threaten me.

Dimitrios said...

Seriously, the Janet Reno thing was pretty funny though.

Anyhoo did you notice how far apart the eyes of all the Republican women are? Kinda suspect. Sort of like how all the republican men have eyes very close together like they were fetal alcohol babies or something, George Bush, Carl Rove, et al.

J-MAN said...

Can't compete on the issues shift to something that makes no sense.
Scumbags are just that scumbags, except in this case they give scumbags a bad name. The things they say and the way they act sometimes make me wonder if they are not their own uncles. Hey maybe they are aliens not invited to this earth they certainlly think they are above everyone else. The rules of politeness and civility appartenty do not apply to them. Shame on their mothers for not teaching them better manners.

Anonymous said...

You are way too thin skinned. This was funny! Saddam Hussein's body on Rosie O'Donnell? If it weren't for the chest hair, I wouldn't have noticed.

J_MAN said...

Anon..your mother wears army boots, hangs out with communists, and has hair on her knuckles. Now that is funny!!!

Stuart Reid, Former Utah Democrat said...

Screw you, Rob! Now that I'm a Weber Utah Republican, I'm truly enjoying this video, and I can't wait to fire up the heater on my Hot Tub!