Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Federal Government is to fault for Greiner's Hatch Act Violation?

That's what one D-News Reader said to this article.  I can't tell you how many good candidates Utah Democrats have lost to the Hatch Act, but usually, once it is understood that there is a real problem, they bow out gracefully.

Here's what one D-News reader stated:
People need to stand up and tell the feds to take a hike and keep their "strings", and their money.

We are tired of being manipulated to do things the way bureaucrats in Washington want them done.

Just quit your excessive confiscation of money from taxpayers in Utah, and let us keep it here to tax and spend as we want, under conditions set by Utah.

That goes for schools, welfare, highways, and everything else, not just law enforcement.

Taxes were supposed to be for defense and federal judiciary, not imposing liberal social engineering schemes on free people.

Greiner is a good cop, and a good legislator. However, he is a Republican, and that is his real sin in the eyes of the feds.
Pretty silly comment, but I'm glad to know that Greiner the lawmaker isn't responsible for being  Greiner the lawbreaker.


Oldenburg said...

The Hatch Act and the so-called little Hatch Act, which apply the same principal for state and federal candidates, is good policy. You don't want recipients of federal monies running for offices where they could conceivably enrich themselves and their buddies.

But here's the thing, almost all of the expansion of Federal power since the Great Depression stems from the Commerce Clause and acceptance of said Federal monies by states and state agencies. If you don't want the Federal government telling you want to do dear Utah legislature, DON'T TAKE FEDERAL MONEY. Of course, they want to have it both ways. You can't.

If you need federal money to fill in multi-billion-dollar budget gaps, then you have to accept the strings that come with such money.

Think about it. If you were giving or lending someone money, you would place conditions on the use of that money if you could, wouldn't you? Why get your knickers in a bunch when the feds do it, especially since the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that's fine.

J-MAN said...

It appears that being a Republican in this administration is a hell of a lot better than being a Democrat during the Bush era with its facist attitude toward civil rights in this country, the up yours to the rest of the world attitude and we are the rightful owners of all that this country. Our word is the truth and those who oppose us are against America. Republicans are right and everyone else is wrong or some sort of evil entity. Your big corporate buddies who controlled this country under the Bush(league)administration will have to live by the rules the rest of have to.