Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nikki Said, "Remember the tax revolters of the late 1970s? Like today's conservatives,...

Found on Nikki's facebook: "Remember the tax revolters of the late 1970s? Like today's conservatives, they promised us tax relief and virtually every state in this country embraced the trickle down snake oil they were selling by "cutting"taxes. Now, low income Americans pay more than 10% of their income instate and local taxes and the wealthy pay 5.2% of their income. That went well, didn't it?"

What Ever Happened to the Good Times the Tax-Cutters Promised?

You don’ have to dig particularly deep, in the United States today, to find some striking similarities between today’s virulently anti-Obama “Tea Party” crowd and the media darlings who birthed the “Tax Revolt” phenomenon back in the late 1970s.

The Tax Revolters burst onto the national scene amid an inflation-battered economy. They blamed “big government” for what ailed America, and they offered a simple remedy: cut taxes. Lower taxes, they promised, would get average Americans back on track.

The Tea Party zealots have, like the Tax Revolters, also coalesced in tough economic times. They attack “big government,” too. They even make the same promises about taxes.

But the Tea Party types, so far at least, haven’t scored any early political success...

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