Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Sam's Blog: A Thanksgiving Message from Sam Granato, candidate for United States Senate

During this season of gratitude I need to send out my appreciation for you as members and supporters of the Utah Democratic Party. Your support of our campaign for United States Senate is truly at the top of my list of things I am grateful for during this time of reflection.

As I spend time traveling around our great state, I am continually impressed with your integrity, straightforward thinking and vision.

As I reflect on this Thanksgiving holiday and its history, one of the most important aspects of this tradition is it began as a gathering of people from different cultures and backgrounds who came together in a spirit of humility and gratitude for one another and for the obstacles that together they were able to overcome. The vision they portrayed, which laid a foundation for our country, is the same vision I bring to serving the residents of Utah. The same cooperation and work ethic shown by the pilgrims and Native Americans is essential as we strive to move forward and restore common sense to the current political atmosphere.

I give thanks for the example set by those settlers of nearly four centuries ago and to the amazing examples I see from each of you.

I was blessed last night to enjoy the company of my wife, our four children and seven grandchildren as our family gathered early so all of us could be together to give thanks and enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner. I shared with them my love and appreciation for the continued joy within our home and my wish for yours. Together we can overcome obstacles and work to instill a feeling of strength, integrity and peace so needed during these uncertain and too often difficult times.

I look forward to meeting with you over the coming year and hearing your thoughts, aspirations and ideas. Again, I am full of gratitude and love for the great State of Utah and the wonderful people residing within her borders. May you each experience much happiness and many blessings this holiday and always.


Sam Granato
Candidate for United States Senate

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