Friday, August 15, 2008

Swift Boat "Veteran" for Crazy

Jerome Corsi. Author. Nut job.

More of the lies debunked here.


Paul Mero said...

Good post. Although you know, Jason, just because he has 9/11 wrong doesn't mean anything else he is thinking or has said is wrong, including the Obama book (I have not read it, will not, just because I hope I can glean info about the candidates in other ways).

But, as a political response to the book, I can see why you would want to take us down this road.

For instance, if he believed that 9/11 was a government-staged event, AND in national health care, banning offshore oil production, global warming, etc....THEN you would really have a nut job!

Frank Staheli said...

I've ordered my copy of ObamaNation and have several people who want to borrow it when I'm done reading.

Corsi is on a lot of other radio stations besides that Jones guy, and he's always had something intelligent to say.

I'm watching the Larry King video you linked to:

1. The Media Matters guy makes wild and broad accusations about Corsi's previous book, but gives no specifics.

2. The MM guy claims that Corso quotes prominently from a right wing anti-semetic blogger named Andy Martin. Corsi reminds MM guy that of over 700 footnotes, ONE is of a quote to Andy Martin.

3. MM talks about the heinous statements Corsi said back in 2002, but Corsi reminds MM that they haven't admitted that he apologized for those statements (some of which are contained in the video embedded in your article) and doesn't make them anymore.

4. MM guy continues to change Larry King's subjects and makes such inane statements of "you can put slime in a book and it's still slime." He called Corsi names without giving ONE EXAMPLE of untruth.