Monday, July 07, 2008

Who is Walker covering for?

From, Walker resigns from Utah Legislature:

"He feels like if he resigns, everyone's going to say he's covering for the unnamed legislator. There's no one to cover for," Hunter said, a reference to suggestions another lawmaker was involved in the alleged bribe.

Talk about opening a can of worms.


Paul Mero said...

I understand it's a high-ranking UT Democratic Party operative...code name: the Shadow.

There must be a cover-up of one just resigns on their own...surely dark forces are at work. Who knows how high the cover-up reaches? Maybe even...dare I say it...(in whispered tone) Temple Square.

Maybe, just maybe, the Party can count on two or three more voters changing from GOP to Dem??? (The Plan worked!!!)

I sense an Oliver Stone movie out of this one! :)

Jason The said...

Paul, you sure have a strange dynamic of choosing who to defend.

Buttars, Helms...

I'm starting to question your ability to discern good leadership from bad.

Obi wan liberali said...

I want a bumpersticker that says, "Buttars is the answer".

Hmmm, member of Republican House Leadership with an ethics problem. This has the look, feel and smell of Greg Curtis, but perhaps, Curtis has a new apprentice. The dark side is strong with them.

Paul Mero said...

Jason, it is true, alas. No doubt, one day, I will defend you!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Walker is covering for Greg Curtis and Greg Hughes.

Look at those who have power and their dogs who bark loudest (Hughes).

Anonymous said...

Are you saying they have powerful dogs? Or loud barks....Interesting! Or are they covering the powerful barks with a Greg? Or did a dog named Curtis bark powerfully at Hughes, or was it just loud? Very intersting. You've really opened a lot of doors here, anonymous. Thank you. We might just get to the bottom of this now! Well done!