Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Throwing Candy with J. Dell Holbrook

Last Saturday the Miller kids joined future Davis County Commissioner J. Dell Holbrook at the 2008 West Bountiful City Independence Celebration Parade to throw candy.

The kids had a great time throwing 30 lbs. of sweet water taffy to the cheering crowd and I was personally honored to be the official player piano piano player.

I think J. Dell won "The Biggest Political Banner Ever, in West Bountiful" contest, but I'm not sure that is actually official.

When I ran for commissioner two years ago I was in a l0t of parades and occasionally I would hear a shout out from someone I knew in the crowd, but that experience was nothing compared to the shout outs J. Dell received in West Bountiful. It seemed like everyone in West Bountiful knew J. Dell and wanted to congratulate and/or thank him for running.

The best quote of the day was, "Hey J. Dell, what you running for?"

The parade was great fun and the Miller kids and their cousins wanted to thank future commissioner Holbrook for asking them to ride on his float and throw candy.

What could be better than that!

Sami Boy is so happy!

Abby and cousin Alex are all smiles too

Kids from 17 months to 63 rode on J. Dell's float

The Val Verda Stake got stuck

Alex, Abby, Anna, William, and Sami with future commissioner Holbrook

"Hey J. Dell, what you running for?"


Anonymous said...

When the kids will be playing then every one will be thinking about their childhood.
The Attorney General and Conflicts of Interest will be on the playing kids if some person sees the playing children.

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Anonymous said...

Go J Dell!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm glad to see you are giving J Dell some back up! I think he would be the best thing to hit Davis County in a long time! Good luck J Dell! Give em hell!

Anonymous said...

To all those who live in Davis County and don't just vote straight ticket...Give this guy a look.

Check into what he did to get tourism flowing out to Antelope Island when he was Commissioner before. He opened up the road, and saved the County millions by doing it intelligently.

Davis County is too caught up in the good ol' boy network. This is a guy who can work with Republicans, but hold their feet to the fire at the same time. It's really just what the county needs.

Please do your homework on him, and I think you'll see why everyone tells him to "give em hell!"

Anonymous said...

I know J Dell. He's a small business owner in West Bountiful. He's a good guy. I hope he wins.

nikki23 said...

Great float!

George and WP said...

J Dell is a man of many talents and loyalties. He is like, the fictional movie character, Marshal Rooster Cogburn. He is a man of 'True Grit'.

Watch out all you Lucky Ned Peeper R's. 'You better grab iron', you son's a bitches'

Go J Dell, Go -- my friend!