Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Celebrate Your Indepedence

By supporting our 2008 Utah Democratic candidates.

How you ask? Easy. Give them the funds they need to fight.

Visit Utah's ActBlue pages as soon as possible, and show your love of country by helping to turn it even more blue in 2008 than we did in 2006.

If every Utah democrat gave $20/month to our candidates, it would give candidates the edge they need to fight the good fight against the political imbalance that holds our state back from true progress.

So celebrate your independence with your pocketbook. One less "Super Blaster Mega Sparkly Rocket Shower" firework in your holiday budget could amount to the difference between win and lose for Utah Democrats in November.

Take a moment to fund the revolution.


Anonymous said...

Who killed the electric car ?


Anonymous said...

from one "anonymous" to another:

Mouth shut, wallet open.

Wayne Jr. said...

Bob needs your money, only $970,000 still the million dollar goal.