Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jean Welch Hill's New Campaign Office is located at...

The Historic Walker Mansion
(Across the street from the Governor's Mansion)

610 East South Temple

Suite 40

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111



CraigJ said...

The Lisa Johnson campaign office is not quite so posh.

Go Jean!!!

Curtis said...

To be fair, the campaign office is, technically, in the back.

But people should come down and visit. 610 E South Temple, Suite 40.

Gasaholeolic said...

I hear the place is haunted by Mark Walker's ghost.

Anonymous said...

Of the all the democratic political canadites running – Jean is the smartest and the saviest.
Although – the race might be closer than people think – Schurtliff will win.

My prediction on other races –

Springmeyer is running a very amatur and poorly orgainzed camapgin – he doesn’t a chance.

The legislative races...democrats will pick up 1 seat in the house (Becky Edwards) and the Seante will remain the same

Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...


Don't worry that Lisa's headquarters are not as posh. At least when your liberal wife loses, she won't be out as much money as Jean "I'm delusional" Hill